Veretta Garrison-Moller brings a unique perspective to the world of art. To Veretta, one-of-a-kind artistic endeavors should possess aesthetic appeal, as well as serve a function.

Functional art is not a new concept; long before “art” translated into statues and paintings to be possessed, viewed and admired, original art served a specific purpose: a pot that carried water or cooked rice, clothing sewed to keep warm, etc.

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Many of Veretta’s pieces possess this extra function. Her works include:
  • Paintings
  • Home decor – pillows, textiles, etc.
  • Individually stylized paper products (boxes, etc.) that hold items such as candy, potpourri, exotic teas, etc., yet are aesthetically pleasing when displayed on bookshelves or tables.
  • Fashionable wall art – tee shirts to be worn and/or hung on walls.
  • Reclaimed furniture given new life through paint and redesigned for a different purpose as a “conversation piece.”
  • Unique pieces such as posters, pillows, tote bags, note cards, etc. that can be individualized for a particular client’s taste or use.
  • Individually designed items suitable for fund raising and gift giving for businesses, nonprofits, governmental agencies, and entertainment and sporting events.
  • Collages stylized to a client’s specific idea or decor.