One Colorful Life

Veretta creates highly detailed collages with several layers, textures, and colors. These items are then professionally reproduced onto appropriate mediums for Giclée’s, furniture, accessories, and decorative art.

Veretta’s experience as a fashion designer and manufacturer allows her to visualize not only what something “is” but also what that object can “become.” She possesses the ability to create a piece of art that is both beautiful and functional.

Veretta is currently a resident Artist River Oaks Square Arts Center in Alexandria, Louisiana. Creating her works of art best explained as mixed-media/collages of both traditional, dimensional and textural items.

"Immediately, I recognized Veretta's collages would be a hit. Then, upon delivery of the product, one of her originals was scooped up by a buyer as I was in the process of logging them into our inventory. That's a HUGE indicator!"

Museum Store, LSU Museum of Art

"She is such a unique and innovative, big picture thinker. I look at her work and I see rhythm, soul and spirit jumping off the canvas. There's no way anyone else on earth could have created them."

Principal of Moore Planning Group

"A fierce and gutsy woman who buckled the odds during especially trying times. I feel honored that she's allowed me to help tell her story."

CONNIE BRISCOE, Co-author of JEWELS - 50
Phenomenal Black Women over 50

"Veretta is simply, an amazing individual. Few people ever discover within themselves the internal drive and motivation that Veretta taps into again, and again. The string of success stories that make up her past is a testament to this very fact. I consider it an honor to walk though life as her friend."

SANDRA MARTIN, Special Projects Director
Essence magazine, NYC

One Colorful LIfe