VeRetta Art rents or leases contemporary artwork to corporate offices, hotels, healthcare providers, restaurants, movie production companies, private clients and more. We have a team of artists and artisans whose styles include contemporary landscape paintings, abstracts, textiles, ceramics, photography, and prints in a variety of sizes. No space is too large or small. We also offer a lease-to-own option. Please call us for a free consultation. Let us help you establish the ambiance you are looking for. We have a range of aesthetic options and are committed to helping you put together a collection that reflects your organization’s style and enhances the work environment. We’ll make you look good and meet your budget.

For more information visit our contact us page or contact our Marketing Consultant Jean Holliday.

The benefits of renting or leasing artwork include:

Rent or lease payments for artwork are tax-deductible because they are considered a business expense.

Renting artwork doesn’t tie up capital. No need to carry artwork assets on the company’s books.

Leased artwork provides a budget-conscious means to improve the workspace.

Lobbies, offices, corridors, and conference rooms benefit from distinctive selections.

Pleasing visual surroundings enhance worker morale.


For example,  see below images of reception area of a prominent healthcare provider who wanted larger, innovative, and contemporary work to grace the ample wall spaces of their clinic. Pulling work from our team of artists, we arrange an exhibit every two months, giving the environment fresh, new, original fine art to complement the spacious environment.

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