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Elizabeth & Alice Bentley

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Elizabeth and Alice Bentley are part of the Bentley series, reclaimed and recreated from the historic Bentley Hotel in Alexandria, LA.  The come with a “Reclaimed and Recreated” brass tag as well as a story.

My sister Alice and I, just little tikes, started out on a voyage down the Red River with our parents in the 1930s.  We were excited when we were carried off the boat into a bustling central Louisiana city.  Imagine our delight when we found ourselves, not just in the Hotel Bentley, but in the Bentley Room, no less!  Ooooh, we got to see and hear great events.  Our best memory, though, is when the nervous young man got down on his knee and proposed.  (She said “yes!”)  The happy tears you will see represented in the little painted dots in our new dress-up clothes!  We may have a few years on us, but we’re really excited to see where our future leads.

– – –Elizabeth